This is me. I'm usually the one holding the camera, not standing in front of it, so this picture is one I took by setting the camera up to model a hat I knitted. My name is Theresa and I'm an-American-living-in-Norway (yes, that's all one word) and a knitter.
This is Sigurd. He's seen here relaxing in the sun at Vigeland park in Oslo, Norway. Caption: "There is only so many times you can drag me here to show visiting Americans these statues and expect me to look interested." He's the reason why I'm a kjærlighetsinvandrer in Norway. He's smart and funny and caring and generous and wonderful and might claim he is none of those things. Except smart maybe. :O)
This is Sigurd's daughter, Theresa. Fortunately her name is pronounced differently than mine. She's 13 years old and incredibly smart (as well as cool and stylish, naturally). She enjoys being with her friends, having a good time, making websites, shopping, writing and reading and plans to be a journalist.
This is Amalie, the youngest. She's 9 and knits with me. She likes math, english, cross-country skiing, sleding and dancing and wants to be a popstar.
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