• Learning html

    • Lissa explains it all :: The basics of HTML, set up as a place for kids, (and "the young at heart") includes frames, tables, css, add color, javascript, funstuff, tools. Know nothing? Start here.

    • Webmonkey :: Starts with basic HTML concepts tutorials (very good!) and proceeds in a organized way all the way to quite advanced things... also has a HTML cheat sheet

  • A bit beyond and generators

  • Graphics

    • free trial heading maker :: to make headings like the one at the top of this page

    • Free graphics :: well, free graphics! and this one doesn't create a 1001 ads like some of the places that I've been to while searching for free things.

  • Blogger templates editing

    • Bloggar :: editing templates in the blogger window can possibly lead to a problem that is an inexplicable mystery (this from Phil R. who knows of what he speaks). Download the free Bloggar to edit templates. Trust me.

    • Blogger Unofficial FAQ blog :: Phil Ringdala's excellent resource for bloggers. Most every question I've ever had about editing blog templates is answered here. It looks quite complicated but it's very well written and understandable.

  • Blogger templates

  • Color related

A special thank you to Thez and her pappa for helping me so much!

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